Sunday, June 26, 2011

Prompt 174: Seven Sins

Thanks to Fiducia of Rivera's Flame and Ice for this week's prompt, seven sins.  Here is her poem:

Singing praises, Sins as deadly as is!

Blinded by curses that's forbidden,
Embraced in clutches of evil,
Whispers stalk church to chapels,
Thee all, bears a child of devil,
Speak we, do the good in need,
Dormant, it sleeps deep within,
Minds so silent, in conscience,
Damn, awakes an everlasting terror...

Crushing, destroys grace of life,
Absorbed in vain, while confession,
Six things the Lord hateth, in tears,
Seventh, His soul loathes, thy creation,
Good virtues battle the evil vices,
Temptations live to sing the tale,
Good is cornered by evil, all ends,
Savior, to wipe all wrath, there's none...

Belief in abilities, as vanity rises,
Bearer of the deadliest, as christened,
Donning a disguise, in truth, in lies,
Fatal it seems, in progress, its 'pride'...

Desire for the rest, in joy, in distress,
Content, one is not with that bestowed,
Yearns for best, urges minds to plea,
Swallows generosity, for 'envy' to be...

Limit not known, in senses deprived,
To consume more, than what one could try,
Inordinate as all sees it, so loony,
Even money seems small, in front of 'gluttony'..

Pleasures and passion, in color that bleed,
Dreadful desires, taking to a high, in spirits
Rendered to a feeling, unknown in time..
Deformed by love, 'lust' indulges minds in crime..

Manifests fury, swaying decisions, so grim,
Hate overcomes shadow of peace and pun,
Second name to wrath, linked to danger,
Once near, none can save thee, not even 'anger'...

As realms of spirituality, turns its back on life,
Hearts long for gains, worth of debris, so old,
Life gets what it wants, cribs for what it needs..
Cycle of nature wheeling on, never ends one's greed...

Avoidance of effort, laying back in comfort,
Physical actions thrown away for the strong,
When you realize, you have been good for none..
Say cool! coz' you are a recipient of 'sloth'....

Photo credit:  hell by ~pitagoras-dlrkn (from
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