Sunday, June 8, 2008

Prompt 15: Pets

Scott of Poetic Leanings offers us this week's prompt, pets. Here's his poem to get us started:

Morning eyes open
To find, beside my pillow,
A cute cat waiting

(Copyright SGW 2008)

k k k k k k k

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  1. I'm back. But it's the last week of school and it's crazy! I think there's going to be a lot of cat poems this week. Mine is! I posted mine on my primary blog where it is more appropriate.

  2. ours is a cat too but it isn't MY cat.

  3. An alternate perspective submitted for consideration.

  4. I've posted a memorial to our dog Penny.

  5. I'm sorry - no cat poem...come see what I posted. :D

  6. I just posted an adorable photo and VERY short post about my dear cats, earlier this week. Quite a coincidence to fit perfectly for this weeks prompt.I am looking forward to reading several of the submissions.G

  7. PS: Gautami, I tried to access your blog but wasn't able to, sent back to this site. Ive had this problem before, thought I should mention. No other computer woes.

  8. my cat, Dot, is this cat! Same markings...same manner of sitting up against a pillow...and for long stretches of time...! She'll find a spot on the couch and watch, with interest, Larry King!(now that's committment). Love the pic and the poem!

  9. I've re-done my link, as the other one, as gautami has pointed out, one was going to the 'Reflection' poem.

  10. oh dear - was it supposed to be about a cat??? Mine is a dog - always been a dog kind of person...

  11. I've shared a piece I wrote decades ago about Charly ... a one-of-a-kind Beagle who passed in 1988 after sharing my life for 16 years.
    Hugs and blessings,

  12. Sorry I'm so late in posting but out PC was down. At least it gave me time to write.


  13. Thanks for the inspiration. My latest post includes a poodle-related haiku