Sunday, June 12, 2011

Please Play by the Rules

One of our faithful participants has made us aware that some of the bloggers posting links to this site are not playing by the rules.  Instead, they are linking to poems written in response to prompts on other memes or to poems written for a different purpose at some other time.

This is a reminder that you must play by the rules at One Single Impression.  Simply:

1.  Write a poem in response to the prompt (These are listed in our sidebar, so you can begin drafting your poem at your convenience.), and link to that post here.

2.  Link your post back to OSI by stating somewhere in your post that your poem is a response to an OSI prompt.

3.  If you link here, do your best to visit other bloggers who have also linked here.  Please comment on their poem in response to the week's prompt.

We do our best to support other bloggers, memes, and competitions that share our goal of providing an environment in which creative writers who write poetry find an audience that is supportive and constructive in its feedback. 

We are protective of the integrity of this site, and we will delete bloggers who spam our site with irrelevant links.

P.S.  Many participants are asking about poems that they publish for multiple memes.  These are OK so long as they poem that is linked is an authentic response to the weekly OSI prompt.