Sunday, December 5, 2010

Prompt 145: Free(dom)

This week's prompt is free(dom), thanks to Yamini Meduri of The Land of Dreams, who shares this poem with us:

A gift I wish
World gives me
With special love
Crafted with care

A gift I wish
To treasure all life
That I shall hold dear
Forever and ever

The gift I wish
Is the flight of dove
Free to fly high
With no fear, no limits

The gift I wish
Is the cherishing dream
Beautiful as the best
With no fear, no limits

The gift I wish
Is friendship
Strong and sweet
With no fights, no wars

The gift I wish
Is a peaceful world
Joy and love
To share for all
Forever and ever

P.S. Am so happy that its my prompt on the 5th of its my Mom's through OSI, here's my wish to her!

"A happy happy birthday to my sweetest, sweetest mother! "
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