Sunday, September 21, 2008

Prompt 30: Autumn

Teri of Teri's Mandalas back for an encore with this week's prompt, autumn. Thanks to her for the poems and the images.

These beautiful leaves,
Their colors are so gorgeous.
They brighten our day

k k k

Red and yellow leaves
This their last dance of color
Soon a memory

k k k

I just love these leaves
So much personality
Beauty before death
k k k k k k k

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Thank you and enjoy!


  1. The prompt presents a challenge to those of us in the Southern Hemisphere who are not enveloped in the glory of the change to autumn. So forgive me if I take a lateral approach to the concept.

    Having said that, however, I do thank you for the prompt ...

  2. Autumn is an excellent subject for a prompt, a season that is a gift to poets.

  3. As it is now Spring in my world, I added a slight twist to the prompt! Loved it!

  4. Great theme - how could I resist.

    I always read the prompt each week and make notes on it in my journal, but often the ideas don't make it into a post - just wanted you to know that I still love the site though!

  5. What a wonderful prompt and start to this amazing season. Thanks Teri!

  6. haven't been participating in OSI lately so I thought I give this a try again

  7. Timely prompt! Autumn is coming, and the leaves are already changing around here.



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  9. My link seems to have been rejected because I put my poem on my Disturbing the Dust blog. I've tried again.

    Carole (watermaid)

  10. This is my time of year so here's another poem.

  11. I've been busy offline for a few weeks but am here this week.

  12. Hey I know this is a little out of order but you got to see this lady's blog. It is an elegy to autumn. Classical music and all.
    It was really cool! Country and different.:) You just have to see it to appreciate it. You know me and Poe.

  13. Teri,

    I so enjoyed this weeks prompt! Thanks, happy autumn!

  14. Thank you for this prompt. It was helpful in clearing the cobwebs out of my brain. :)

  15. my apologies as i haven't yet been able to visit many of the blogs linked. :O but i hope to continue this coming monday.

    best wishes to all. :)

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