Sunday, May 16, 2010

Prompt 116: Trembling

Nancy Bea Miller of Genre Cookshop brings us this week's prompt, trembling. Thanks for the image and poem, Nancy.

Rosebush in the breeze,
pink-hearted and poison-speared,
why do you tremble?

The Online Etymology Dictionary defines tremble thus:

tremble (v.)
c.1300, "shake from fear, cold, etc.," from O.Fr. trembler "tremble, fear" (11c.), from V.L. *tremulare (cf. It. tremolare, Sp. temblar), from L. tremulus "trembling, tremulous," from tremere "to tremble, shiver, quake," from PIE *trem- "to tremble" (cf. Gk. tremein "to shiver, tremble," Lith. trimu "to chase away," O.C.S. treso "to shake," Goth. þramstei "grasshopper"). A native word for this was O.E. bifian. The noun is recorded from 1609.
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