Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Happy Tau Day! Poetry Contest Begins Today!

En Syu Ritsu (The Circle Ratio)

The First Annual Tau-Ku Challenge

Today, June 28, is Tau Day. What’s a tau? Read here or click the caption to the image above to learn more. The value of tau is twice the value of pi, or 6.28. The significance of this for One Single Impression is a poetry contest! Because my life is out of control with a new kitten (don’t get one unless you can supervise it every moment of the day and night), this will not be a one day contest. It will run until Saturday at midnight. I will announce the randomly drawn winner on Tuesday, July 5. I can’t announce it earlier because of the Fourth of July holiday that I need to photograph.

So anyhow, here are the rules of the contest:

  • The topic is your choice.
  • The format is:
    • 1st line: 6 syllables
    • 2nd line: 2 syllables
    • 3rd line: 8 syllables
  • Use the inlinkz so that I can have inlinkz choose a random winner.
  • Sorry — only one entry per person!
  • The prize will be your poem and my photography combined into a beautiful display.

And that’s it! Good luck to you all. May the Random Number gods be with you.

I thank Jim for hauling me back into reality here so that I could get the inlinkz up. Late. But it’s up Thank you, Jim! You saved me!


  1. Good to see the contest up! My first time here at the Tau Ku Challenge.

  2. These are always so fun.
    ps, thanks Geraldine for reminding me.

  3. You are very welcome Teri! I didn't think you'd want to miss this, love your entry.

    Happy Weekend everyone, G

  4. Hey Andree/Sandy and the OSI gang.. I'm not able to see Inlinkz since last night.. Is it just me or some of you having the same problem? Not just here, in any blog that uses it I mean..

  5. Leo: I see it now. There was no issues at inlinkz blog, and no issues reported. I hope you see it now!

  6. Andree: No.. I don't. Not here, or at Haiku Heights, or Thursday Tales or Rally.. nowhere where the Inlinkz is used, I can see :(

  7. Hey Andree, I think it is the problem with my net. It isn't detecting the Inlinkz website also. I hope it gets fixed soon. In the meanwhile, my OSI entry of Crater will be up soon. If Inlinkz not up by then (for me), can I just give the URL in comment and could someone link it for me, if it isn't too much trouble?

  8. absolutely, Leo. I do it often. Just send me URL and I'll post. I am sorry it isn't working for you.

  9. I'm able to browse limitedly through a dial-up. Here's my link for the OSI (Crater). Thank you so much for helping me out with the linking, Andree. I'll browse the others when my net is back up.


  10. Here's my tau-ku:

    Follow the tao of tau,
    or fight--
    remain true to pi's pied pipers.