Sunday, June 1, 2008

Prompt 14: Freedom

Linda of Nickers and Ink brings us this week's prompt, freedom. Here is her offering:

All we have of freedom,
All we use or know,
This our fathers bought for us
Long and long ago.

Rudyard Kipling
The Old Issue

Memorial Day Poems – Dress Blues
A Rhyme Embossed with Freedom’s Cost

His uniform, it gathers dust,
And yet she keeps it, as she must.
For since she heard the word, bereft,
It’s all of him that she has left.

His many medals, multi-hued,
Recall his image, love renewed.
With pride and sorrow, in his stead,
They form a pillow for her head.

Her love was spilt across the sea
To answer calls for liberty.
Though he’s been gone for many years,
His memory still ties her to tears.

Parades may form, and troops may march,
Processionals of neatest starch.
And they salute the sacrificed,
Who gave beyond what could be priced.

She’ll line her walk with flags again
To honor all the fallen men
And pray for loved ones left alone
With nothing by a granite stone.

She’ll lay some blossoms by his name,
Her loyalty thus to proclaim,
And hold his empty hat again
Until she joins the freedom train.

k k k k k k k

Here are two more poems to get you thinking:

into the night a cuckoo returns the call
(Kala Ramesh)

red dragon fly
in the sky of Tsukuba
no cloud
(Masaoka Shiki)

Dove Nest by TeriC of Teri's Painted Daisies

k k k k k k k

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  1. ..the coincidence of "posting glitches" mr. linky Continues!i've posted twice at sr. nos.11 and 12(having failed at no.10)..

  2. Mine is up! Linda's prompt and poem is incredible! :D

  3. I exercised my freedom not to post a haiku or a haiga but dug up an old poem.

  4. Dear Andree,
    Kindly delete post no.11 and oblige,
    Thank U..

  5. I liked Linda's poem too - thanks for the prompt! :)

  6. I originally wrote this for Weekend Wordsmith, but it also fits the theme of freedom, and as the piece I was trying to write for this isn't gelling, I present Silent Determination.

  7. Adored this prompt. At the weekend, i enjoyed just wandering close to my home taking pics. The freedom of doing this simple act and the pleasure involved really touched me. I had to write a poem.


  8. At first I wasn't sure I liked this prompt but ended up with some self-knowledge when I wrote the haiku that surprised me. Even the mandala I did surprised me. Thanks.

  9. i just posted my share of "freedom"

  10. Linda, your link doesn't work - said the blog was not found???

  11. a simple gesture of stretching rights... freedom 101

  12. Well, I've finally done it. I think my poem, "And Mom Said we Could!" is the epitomy of childhood freedom. Thanks for doing this!

  13. Hi everyone. I'm glad to be back. Must get to work and start writing. Got lazy on vacation but had fun. My 4 1/2 year old nephew kept me going.


  14. It seems like I've fallen into a pattern of posting on Saturdays ... (later than most) but mine's up finally at Sacred Ruminations. I'm hoping to see what others have shared after I take Molly for a walk.
    Hugs and blessings,

  15. This is Farmlady.

    I hope I'm leaving a comment in the right place.I've started Through the Window by posting a photo and a poem on Sunday, July 6th.
    To me there is something beckoning and, at the same time, protective about looking through a window. There is always an adventure awaiting, and yet...,being inside is safe.
    I would hope that this prompt will inspire some wonderful poetry.