Sunday, June 15, 2008

Prompt 16: Transience or Permanence

Thanks to Christine of Quiet Paths for her prompt of permanence (or transience)for this week. Thanks to Christine, also, for the following examples from Chiyo-ni, Woman Haiku Master, and for the wonderful photo.

rouged lips
clear springwater

clear water
no front
no back

this is my favorite of these, I think:

a butterfly
in front and back
of the woman's path

and by Christine:

folded into time

tall cedar groves grow ancient

stones linger eons

aspen leaves float the surface

rainwater to distant sea

k k k k k k k

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Thank you and enjoy!


  1. This is a great prompt. Thanks Quiet paths!


  2. Interesting prompt and I've posted my take on the subject.

  3. Thanks to Cynthia for so generously providing our thoughtful prompt, stunning photo, and other examples this week.

  4. Thanks for the wonderful prompt Quietpaths! Mine is up! :)

  5. I went with Transience: The Fleeting Hours. Both of these, great prompts!

  6. Hi all. This I tried something a bit different. Not a Haiku. Although I may come back with one soon.


  7. Christine,

    Thanks for this weeks prompt.

    I specifically enjoyed your work.
    "Stones linger eons" Great!

  8. Lovely photo and evocative prompt. I like these gentle lines of poetry. I like the contrast between the ancient trees and "stones that linger eons." I've posted mine.

  9. Hello again. I just could not let a good Haiku go by without my name on it. lol ;-)


  10. A perfect prompt for haikus...

  11. Though not my first Haiku, it is my first post in response to a prompt from One Single Impression.

    Please drop by. I shall strive to do better in times to come.:)

  12. Thanks everyone for giving this prompt life! I thought it was a hard one.... you all did wonders!

  13. I'm a little later this week but here I am with photographer phill providing my inspiration.

  14. Excellent poems & inspiration, Christine. Thanks OSI!!

  15. as always another excellent prompt... complacency

  16. Beautiful imagery and captures well the concept of Transience or Permanence. Christine, thanks.

  17. It's taken me all week to get around to this prompt ... and while most of you are posting for Week 17, I've just published mine for Week 16 and signed the Mr. Linky. Hopefully someone will drop by ... and I'll try to be more 'timely' with my NEXT posting for Week 17, but it's not likely to be today ;--)
    Hugs and blessings,