Wednesday, June 18, 2008

UPDATE: Prompt Changes

Hi! The dates of the prompts have been changed . . . just a bit. Here are the updates (and the previous post about these prompts has been updated, as the calendar and sidebar have, also). PLEASE let me know if this table, the sidebar and the calendar are out of synch:

June 8-14Pets Scott the Poet
June 15-21Transience or permanenceQuiet Paths
June 22-28 Melody Will Think 4 Wine
June 29 - May 5 Doorway Amputated Moon
July 6 - 12Through a windowOver Good Ground
July 13 - 19MythWork of the Poet
July 20 - 26RestThe Manic Gardener
July 27 - August 2 FacesPostcards from the Clouds
August 3 - 9FollyForest River Journal
August 10 - 16 Stairways Quiet Paths
August 17 - 23SpectacleRooted
August 24 - 30HomecomingMy Poetic Path
August 31 - September 5ResolveQuiet Paths

Please feel free to send us a poem and/or an image to accompany your prompt so we can highlight your work here and link back to you. We will remind you during the week before your prompt will be up that you should get your work to us by the Saturday before it will run!
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Thank you all so much!
And of course, please e-mail about any errors.


  1. Thanks for the update Sandy and Andree. I also sent an email so do let me know if you don't receive that too. Hugs, G

  2. June 29 - May 5 Doorway

    The word 'May' above should be substituted with 'July' and once amended, you may delete this comment.:)

  3. Sandy, can anyone send in a prompt? How does this work?