Sunday, July 27, 2008

Prompt 22: Faces

Thanks to Lissa at Just Writing Words for this week's prompt of faces. Thanks also for sharing your poem and for providing the artwork.


they stare but they don't look at you
their faces crimson with lonely joy
their bodies pressed against the wall
happiness escape their lips
as their eyes looks downward
hoping for you to notice them
hoping they would be caught
before they fall
downcast into despair
hoping every day
to be taken home

Photo Credit
k k k k k k k

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  1. I've not followed your prompts for a couple of weeks, but the return of Faye on the scene goaded me into action.

  2. I enjoyed Lissa's beautiful poem.

  3. Interesting prompt this week as always! I'm still catching up from #18-20 and hope to share those soon, but I've got one Week 22 OSI post up today at Small Reflections and am working on a 2nd for my other blog.
    Hugs and blessings,

  4. Great prompt! I'm looking forward to all the different interpretations this one will inspire.

  5. I’m back to leave the link to another OSI Week 22 post on my 2nd blog, Sacred Ruminations … and I’m looking forward to seeing what others have shared.
    Hugs and blessings,

  6. Faces is an excellent prompt! I liked it very much. It inspired me! :)

  7. Thanks to Zoya Gautam and Raven for pointing out the typo in my URL on number 18 (I re-entered it at 22). Bad pinky finger, bad, bad!!

  8. I hope I shall have more time this week to go around and read the poems on offer.

  9. I gave the wrong link to my OSI post this week. This often happens I'm sorry. Follow this link...

  10. I feel the pull between hope and despair when I read this poem. It is a pull I often feel within myself. An interesting way to express a universal theme. Well done.

  11. Mine's more about beauty in general than faces specifically, but it seemed close enough to fit!

  12. Ah well, I went romantic this time. Doesn't happen often, but there it is. :) Thank you for the prompt - the above poem is how I've often felt about items for sale.. guess it's all those years of watching Rudolph and the Misfit Toys growing up! lol!

  13. Could not help it. I have two this week.