Sunday, July 6, 2008

Prompt 19: Through a Window

Thanks to Over Good Ground for this week's prompt of "through a window." Here are examples from three writers to get things started.

A window to see the outside.
A window to see the inside.

kitchen window--
three butterflies wade
one after another
(Narayanan Raghunathan)

inter-city train journey -
a rattling window top
shuts itself
(Alan Summers)

every window
a mirror
on the cold walk home
(Kathleen Wilson)

Photo: Stock Exchange
k k k k k k k

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Thank you and enjoy!


  1. Sorry about not being able to visit anybody last week. I am hoping to do a little better this time.

  2. Only one of my photographic friends had a suitable photograph for this theme but for once I couldn't add anything as the photo speaks for itself so I've posted it anyway.

  3. A great prompt this week! Mine is up!

  4. Interesting prompt...

    If anyone has the time I've also recently posted two poems called Disentanglement, one free verse, one a villanelle... I'd really value some feedback on which works best!

  5. Sorry, meant to leave a link to my response to the prompt as well - window into the past

  6. Seems like I mainly write about my family. Here's my tanka:

    Thank you, Farmlady, for the prompt!

  7. I have enjoyed reading through all of your offerings this week. Those who didn't receive a comment were victims only of my own loss for words. Nice work everybody.

  8. Cool Idea! Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I have had a crazy weekend. I really apreciate you support and readership of my place.

  9. I'm still catching up from last wk - it's amazing how family visiting can put you behind, but I won't complain - it was a wonderful visit! :)

    Here's my contribution for this wk - two attempts at keeping strict form:

    Through a Window

  10. Hello. I'm new. It's all Spacedlaw's fault. :)

    Very pleased to join you all, and looking forward to reading your work!

  11. another week of wonderful words...

  12. Looking forward to treating myself to a read through everyone else's now that I've finally got mine up.

  13. It is very interesting to see the view from other bloggers windows. The poems are not all that bad either...I have an excuse... I'm new to writing, but I'll get as good as all the others. I just need practice:-)

  14. This is my first haiku in quite a long time, my first link to OSI, and it's a brand new blog template, too. No performance anxiety here!

  15. I've posted another one, inspired today through the car window. Hope it bites. Cheers.

  16. I'm so late but I wrote something anyway

  17. My first attempt at this! Ugh!!!!