Sunday, July 13, 2008

Prompt 20: Myth

Thanks to Mary at Answers to the Questions for this week's prompt, myth. Thanks also for the image, background information, and poem, Mary.

In Shinto, the Japanese Kappa are a type of water imp and are considered to be one of many suijin (literally "water-deity"). From Wikipedia.

My story is a sacred one
about how the world began --
a mythos full of gods,
near-gods, those wrathful beings,
who explain beginnings to fools.
(Mary T)
k k k k k k k

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  1. This was a beautiful prompt to explore!

  2. I think the entries this week are going to be great.

  3. Look forward to seeing what everyone has come up with! Very rich topic to explore, so many thanks, Mary!

  4. A little tricky this time . . . but I combined a few prompts:



  5. I'm new to this, but thought I would like to participate. All the best,

  6. Hi everybody, hope you like my one single impression this week. It was my pleasure to offer the prompt and poetry. :)

  7. I'm sorry everybody my linky here and on the post leads you to my other blog. Here's the correct place to find my OSI post: Answers to the Questions

  8. Thanks for the prompt, poem and image. The image is intriguing and the poem so interesting! I like the twist of the wrathful beings explaining beginnings to fools.

  9. An inspiring prompt and wonderful art. For my submission, however, I'm not happy with how blogspot handles the spacing. The visual appearance and spacing are as important to me as the words, and the blogspot template not only insists on indenting all first lines, but wouldn't let me leave large blank spaces for "the unnamed." So, I had to use the dots. For now - I'm looking for a way around this.

  10. Hello again, everyone, and thanks for your warm welcome last week! It's been a joy to read everyone's poems.

  11. Thanks, Mary, for a wonderful prompt.

  12. thank you to the teach for this week's prompt... illusion .. looking forward to reading..

  13. A really fun and unusual prompt this week. Thanks for leading my haiku in a new and unexplored direction.