Sunday, November 6, 2011

Prompt 193: Birdie

Kaykuala of Rainbow brings us the prompt birdie. Enjoy this one, friends!
Here is his poem:


 (In Golf birdie has a special meaning. It refers to the score of
 one-under, one better than par for the hole)

 14 clubs, that’s the maximum  allowed
 Steeped with rules and regulations than most
 Timing to be on the tee-box to the dot
 Not to be late for any scheduled stops

 The young and old if you have the will
 You can start at the cradle for the feel
 Of clubs or the myriads of balls available
 You can still swing at 80 if you are able

 A game most fair to all irrespective of skill
 A handicap system creates a level playing field
 A lower handicapped can still win the match
 The system supports fairness the way  it is played

 It is the easiest of games so said the Pro
 The ball is stationary that you must know
 Just take your stance and tee-off as normal
 The same all the way until you reach the 18th hole

 Not the whole truth as the game is not just physical
 The difficulties are related more  to a game of mental
 Getting good scores of pars, birdies, eagles or a hole-in-one
 Nerves of steel are needed but that ‘s where all the fun

 It is a frustrating game as we all had sadly experienced
 But the prize-money of sweat and tears count into millions
 The new Tigers, Rory McIlroy and Yani Tseng are on the rise
 Lurking in the shadows though Woods can still spring a surprise
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  1. Sandy,
    I wish to confirm that I had emailed as instructed my poem for Prompt 193 'Birdie' way ahead on Oct 31, 2011. I kept looking for Mr Linky to post it but I got the one for 'Sunset'. Anyway I posted my poem on Nov 06 in my blog but but didn't link it until just minutes ago to the FB link.

    What do I do now?

    Hank aka kaykuala