Sunday, February 7, 2010

Prompt 102: Single

Thanks to the Amateur Poet of Figments of Imagination for this week's prompt, single, and for this poem:

Impact of few words

Stays long time in loving hearts

Single impression

Photo Source: here

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  1. It is amazing the impact just a few words can have; and the impression they can make. I think it also makes a difference how well you know the person you speak to when those words are spoken. You poem is simple but very relevant. I also like your picture very much. Thanks for this weeks great prompt!


  2. Fantastic. And so very true.

    I'm struck by how similar our thoughts were on this prompt. I just used more words to say it.

    (PS: Love your choice of photos too.)

  3. Lovely, neat little haiku for this prompt!

  4. I love the impression that the impact can have so few words.

  5. wonderful poem and prompt, thank you.
    I love how a few words can so touch us so deeply.

  6. I haven't done a prompt in a while, but this one just clicked, thanks as ever for the inspirations.

  7. Liked the prompt and the poem that went with it.