Sunday, January 31, 2010

Prompt 101: Blowing the Curve

Mojo of "Why, What Have You Heard?" brings us the prompt "blowing the curve" and this wonderful poem and photo this week. Thank you, Mojo.

Blowing The Curve

I thought to audit,
To observe and learn
Perhaps contribute a thought or two.
But there were only seats enough
For the for-credit students.

Perhaps, then, next semester
(Or my next life)
When the class is not so full.

I watched as others
Matriculated with good grades
And moved on
Happy with their choices

Perhaps next semester
(Or my next life)
When I'm better prepared

Did they get younger
These eager students?
Did they regress
As I stayed still?
Or did I wait too long?

Perhaps next semester
(Or my next life)
If I can get financial aid.

I thought this was as good as it gets
Grading everything on a curve
Then you taught me
It only takes one perfect score
And the curve is moot.

+ + + + + + + +

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  1. Grading on a curve. I had to do that, for 22 years. I was a hard teacher and wanted the students to learn but I did know when they had learned enough to pass, be average, or excel. My standards were high and only the very best got the very best grades.
    Thanks, Mojo, for the memories.
    BTW, my poem today is not about school, hardly at all. A school building was the setting.

  2. I had fun with this one! I really like your poem, Mojo.

  3. To Mojo,
    nice topic, nice poem too. i had a bit of difficulty getting the meaning of the phrase, but i hope i did my poem justice, and ur theme as well.

    To Sandy/Andree,
    my mail id has changed, and the old one has been removed, so haven't been able to see the reply if u have sent. has my contribution, with the pic & its credit link been recd by you? plz let me know soon! thanks!

  4. It was a tough prompt. I am not sure if I have done it correctly.

    <a href="> Circles </a>

  5. like the assurance of the last stanza. "Did they get younger
    These eager students?" Yes, I'm sure of it. 14 year olds now graduate with BAs. ;)

  6. I wish the curve I blew was this one. Very good point you make at the end. Love this poem.

  7. I am here for the first time..I don't know whether my attempt fits into your meters or not....

  8. Oh shoot! Sorry, I forgot that you sign up after you post. I'm used to Theme Thursday and got mixed up.
    I'm not really sure what "blowing the curve" is all about, but I'll have a go and I'll come back and advise you.



  9. I really like the poem, by the way. The repetition of "perhaps next semester" is a good one. It applies to many things in life, not just schooling. I also like the way you come up with repeated excuses, but the final line is the best and it is the ultimate excuse, isn't it?

    Mine is now up.


  10. Your poem is an interesting reflection on life itself. I have tried to never count on the curve to measure my efforts. Sometimes with less than satisfactory success.

  11. The academic theme was largely metaphorical. Rob pointed out, it's a reflection on life in general. But as I was writing it, I was thinking of love in particular. Getting by with something that passed for it while those who found the real deal -- or seemed to -- matriculated and moved on happy in their choices. Then, later, getting by without it because the "inevitable" aftermath was just too great a blow to deal with. Auditing the "course" turns out to be a non-option, but enrolling for credit (again) is just too overwhelming. Especially watching these young kids, fresh faced and eager, and not yet jaded throwing themselves into the "curriculum". And finally the realization that when the right one turns up, s/he blows the curve for everybody.

    Because you don't have to settle. You just have to be able to recognize that perfect one when s/he comes along.

    Anyway, that's where it came from. If you got something different from it, then that's what it was supposed to say to you I guess.