Sunday, February 28, 2010

Prompt 105: Running

Thanks to Jim of Jim's Little Photo and Poem Place for this week's prompt, running. his daughter Susie of Susie Chan's Music is pinch hitting for him this week because obligations kept him from his poetic muse. Here's Susie's poem:

Run Because You Can

She spies a distant animal.
A dormant power surges.
The joys of hunting and pursual
Arise from primal urges.

“Catch it 'cause you can!”

The doggy lopes in easy strides.
He glances back behind him.
Through streets and grassy lots she plies;
What madness has befallen?

“Run home while you can!”

She’d seen them on the Internet,
The natives stalking prey.
She longed to feel their freedom, yet
The suburbs barred her way.

“Give chase if e’er you can!”

Through streets and grassy lots he ran,
This woman to escape.
What softness had her heart tramped down
For love to turn to hate?

“Find pity if you can!”

Alighting on the wild beast,
Her gentle heart awoke.
What? A frightened doggy ceased
A desert chase to evoke.

“Make friends of all you can!”

Jim says, "Her inspiration for this poem was seeing on the Internet an enactment of a savage running down (or attempting to run it down, I don't know how it ended) an antelope. Her thoughts were that, 'I can't do that, run down a wild beast.' Then in her thoughts or dreams she saw this dog running through the neighborhood and she gave chase. The poem takes up there."

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  1. Susie's poem is powerful! It has the drama of a rhythmic pulse in that slightly changing refrain! It could transfer well to song lyrics!

  2. What a wonderful poem, Susie. The wonderful fantasy life of children. Thank you.

  3. Suzie, very nice poem this week. I like the variety and images from each verse. Thank you for stepping in.

    Jim, nice prompt for this week!

  4. How great that your daughter wrote for your prompt, and such a wonderful poem. Thanks Jim!

  5. .. many thanks for this wonderful poem susie ..

    - & a great idea ! ..

    “ Make friends of all you can!”

  6. Hope I am not too late.

  7. I really enjoyed your poem Suzie. Jim, you are lucky your daughter bailed you out with such a lovely addition.


    One Single Impression - Running