Sunday, December 28, 2008

Prompt 44: Stardust

Lirone of Words that Sing offers this week's prompt and poem, stardust. Thank you, Lirone!

children of stardust
born from the cataclysm
of the death of stars

from disaster our birthright
as children of stardust -
to create life and beauty

so from the ashes we rise
singing our phoenix songs
bright children of stardust

(Click here for photo source.)
k k k k k k k

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  1. Dear Lirone--
    Thanks for this great prompt. At first I grumbled and mumbled...and then I got down to it.

    It's remarkable the similarities between your poems and my own. Yours are much warmer and personable, though!

    Many thanks--

  2. Thanks Lirone, I loved this prompt!

  3. Thank you Lirone. This is a nice prompt word and I did not do it justice. But, . . . last week I didn't get finished until Friday. That was a bummer.

  4. stars are workaday
    blazing coastal semaphores
    just gimme magic

  5. I've been looking forward to this prompt ever since I saw the list!I thought to myself, This one will inspire a lot of cool ideas and images!

  6. lirone -- thanks for the prompt, I see that we were thinking in similar veins, although I like your poems better than my own!

  7. Kitehorse--
    I sure wish you could hear the comments I make about your lovely haiku each week...

    Thanks for your consistently excellent posts on the prompts--

    happy new year!

  8. It is a great prompt. I've been wrestling with my poem for a week - 'tis the season for biblical allusions and one of the words from Cafe Writing was "ablaze." I don't know why but it set me in mind of Cain's forehead, and the indelible mark. CW got the first attempt, humbly submit the second to OSI.

    Peace to all!

  9. ..many thanks to lirone for a beautiful poem & a lovely prompt-
    & to one & all at osi a very happy new year!..

  10. Stardust memories of many a past Christmas....

  11. Thank you for the great prompt! This is my first entry with OSI, and I'm pretty rusty at the whole blog procedure. I couldn't remember how to post my entry here, and tried it two different ways, but it looks like both are up. You could delete the 'Marti de Alva' one, and leave 2singingtrees, since that is the blog name.

  12. Sorry mine is so late.

  13. HI and Happy N yr All! I'm looking forward to reading your pieces. I love to read, write, paint, photograph, make jewelry, and read/see others with similar interests.

  14. Very rich and interesting articles, good BLOG!