Sunday, December 14, 2008

Prompt 42: Distractions

This week's prompt is distractions. Since we don't have a guest post this week, I went to Etymology Online to have a look at the history of the word. This is what I found when I typed "distraction" in the search box:

ecstasy: 1382, "in a frenzy or stupor, fearful, excited," from O.Fr. extasie, from L.L. extasis, from Gk. ekstasis "trance, distraction," from existanai "displace," also "drive out of one's mind" (existanai phrenon), from ek "out" + histanai "to place, cause to stand," from PIE base *sta- "to stand" (see stet). Used by 17c. mystical writers for "a state of rapture that stupefied the body while the soul contemplated divine things," which probably helped the meaning shift to "exalted state of good feeling" (1620). Slang use for the drug 3,4-methylendioxymethamphetamine dates from 1985. Ecstatic "rapturously happy" is from 1664.

Ecstasy. Go figure. Have fun, friends!


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  1. Great prompt...distracted me all week!

    Sorry I messed up the first submission--

    Thanks again!

  2. A writer block caused by many distractions. My post has rhymes but no meter? Sorry

  3. Mine is mundane, I think.

  4. so many distractions everywhere this week

  5. Beth you can delete a mistaken OSI post by clicking the yellow smile face after your name on Mr. Linky :)

  6. I love the prompt today...distracted by snow!

  7. Sorry, something is wrong with my Haiku Dreams site. Posted on main web site.


  8. Mine is up

  9. Distractions kept me from poetry, until today.

    Mr. Linky appears to be missing.

  10. thaz a great prompt this weeky sandy.. thank you for the additional info... always appreciated!!...

  11. Thought I'd give this a try. Check out my blog.

  12. How apt. I've been distracted lately and now I can share it. :)


  13. Good Blog, I think I want to find me, I will tell my other friends, on all