Sunday, January 15, 2012

Prompt 203: Soul

Thanks to Irendi of Recklessly Me for this week's prompt, soul. Here is her poem:

The State of My Soul
 One cannot exist without the other
Eternally bound to one another
They are interwoven seamlessly-
Faith and Soul
Soul and faith.
Never pushing one ahead of the other
One never falls behind.
Working together for a common cause,
They advance.

Neither in heaven or hell,
Rather somewhere in limbo
Resides all that defines my very existence.
Faith and soul run,
Ever steady.
Weaving in and out of
Obstacles and rest stops,
What was once a barely-there
Now a conscious stream of energy.
A ribbon along the wind,
It drifts on
Sight unseen

Soul sustains faith
Or does faith sustain soul?
One a coursing river of cool, the
Other a blazing stream of a flame.
Amazing one never
Overtakes the other.
The other never engulfs one;
A fusion,
 They silently pull
My centered self
Into obedience.

 My wildly beating heart
Knows the path
My faith-soul
Will take.
My brain is the variable-
Wanting logic,
Needing it, really
To plot my course.

The state of my faith-soul
Is in limbo.
Neither here or there, in
Heaven nor hell,
Dealing with the limitations
Of its humanity.

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  1. Thank you for the prompt, Irendi. It was a fun write.

  2. I love this prompt, but I have used it in another way. I have written an essay (with haiku by myself) about a haiku of Matsuo Basho (a haikumaster) and that haiku is in my opinion THE SOUL of Basho's haibun 'The Narrow Road to the Deep North'.