Sunday, May 8, 2011

Prompt 167: Love

Thanks to Harshad Mehta of Space Within for this week's challenge, love.  Here is his beautiful poem:


Like a fresh breeze,

Coming without any notice

and stoping without any,

It blossoms on its own.

With love around,

Celebration is on.

Heart gets wings and

Soul is content,

Sunrise and sunsets are more colourful,

Moon more charming

And fragrance in air enchanting.

It is His grace that visits you

No one has control over it.

When in love you trust totally

But love cannot be trusted to be there, always.

So tender……

Efforts to retain it are like holding back

Cool breeze that lift your spirits.


Lasting are





Right efforts can keep it going

…..With cool breeze refreshing your heart often,

If you are

Open and Lucky.

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  1. Thank you Harshad for the lovely poem and perfect (and for Mother's Day too) prompt.

    Hugs to all the Mums! G

  2. "no one has control over it"...!!

  3. Happy Sunday Everyone.

    To love and be loved in return is truly a beautiful and blessed thing. There is no greater gift than love of the heart, mind, body and soul.

    Beautifully penned, Harshad.
    Thanks for the prompt.

  4. Lovely poetry
    About mothers ev'rywhere ---
    My loss is too fresh.

    My latest limerick is Taking Stock, which also serves as a Limerick-Off challenge and contest. Thanks!

  5. Clearly, I am very late to link up :) Visited Harshad's blog too :) Grateful for the prompt. :)

  6. Lovely theme :) There can be such varied flavors and interpretations of it.. :)