Sunday, October 17, 2010

Prompt 138: Champion

Thanks to Rob Kistner of Image & Verse for this week's prompt, champion. Here are his poem and image:


search not in the bright lights
that illuminate the field of glory
nor midst the din of exaltation
if you seek a hero’s story

look instead outside the glare
in the quiet place beyond
where no accolades are strewn
and no ivy laurels donned

where daily life is hard
and the living less than grand
where the strength to persevere
depends on the extended hand

where the poor struggle without
the weak endeavor day to day
it’s here by selfless sweat of brow
the brave endure to find a way

willing to give all they’ve got
to daily do what must be done
to share when even they have not
to face their fear not turn and run

to reach and help the one’s in need
to fight the fight that must be fought
more than the words -- to do the deed
to stand and smile not shrink distraught

it’s among these who seldom win
yet rise each day and strive again
it’s here your search should begin
it’s here you’ll find your champion

• • •

rob kistner © 2010

+ + + + + + + +

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  1. Thank you Rob, this is a wonderful prompt. Easy to be inspired!

  2. PS: Your poem is wonderful and so true...

  3. Rob,
    Your poem is beautifully written and profoundly full of wisdom.

    Thank you ~

  4. Something is going on. My poem keeps disappearing. This is the second time I have posted it.


  5. You are most welcome Geraldine and Tammie... :-)

    Interesting observation... the prior prompt was 'Lonely', and so many more people are able to write about being lonely, than about the essence of champion -- very interesting...