Saturday, October 23, 2010

The New Look of One Single Impression

Before the prompt is posted in just over one hour, I wanted to tell you about our new look. I've been thinking that the old OSI is dated. Blogger has new, versatile templates and they are fun to work with.

I need your feedback. What needs improvement? If you can't read something, it has to be fixed. So please let me know. All comments are e-mailed to me, so I'll be reading them and I will be paying attention to what you need.

My first question to be answered is the text on the banner — I think it is superfluous and redundant. Does anything besides "One Single Impression" have to be there? If so, what should it be?

I don't know if I'll be keeping the hydrangea banner or not. You may have suggestions for banners. They have to be 980x215 pixels. The banner text is not on the banner — it's from an element in Google. We could have seasonal banners or collages . . . just about anything that reflects the phrase "One Single Impression."

Let me know! Don't be shy. Just be gentle!

— Andree


  1. Love the cool new look!! Very pleasing too!!

  2. it's cool and tranquil. I love variety :)

  3. I like it, Andree. We've been doing this for a while....Wow.

    I don't think we need more than the title on the banner.

    Your work is beautiful.

  4. Cool look.

    About text under title: I think it gives idea about the blog and is required. It should be short.
    My suggestion : "community of poets writing and sharing"

  5. I think the new look is great, so tranquil and serene, great choice! Thanks again Sandy and Andree for all your work here at OSI.

    Hugs, G

  6. i like it... and glad you've kept the same format... everything is so pleasing to look at and find... the text in the header is good b/c it explains exactly what osi is and does...

  7. I like this banner. I also like the idea of a seasonal banner. You do a great job here.