Sunday, August 15, 2010

Prompt 129: Beginning

Leo of I Rhyme Without Reason sends us this poem written by his sister, who also sends the image for the prompt, beginning.
Thank you, JSW and Leo!

I lay so barren
No one to care
For my soul
An empty mind
With no life
A virgin beauty
Giving birth to
Unseen hearts
I wait for love
From the hands
I hold lovingly
From those lips
Nourished daily
By my bosom
Endless a wait
For those hands
Rip my modesty
Stab my babies
Bare my heart
Without regret
Not an ear listens
To my silent plea
They continue
To ravish my soul
As each day ends
Melancholy holds
Heart in chains
Intuition senses
A return to past
Beginning beckons
As the final end

+ + + + + + + +

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  1. hey OSI..! i didn't bring the prompt to OSI :) it was given by my sister JSW.. who's stopped active blogging..! I just posted for her. written by her too. :)

  2. Thank JSW for her contribution. Great prompt and poem.

    p.s. Mr. Linky please don't go, we miss you. :)

  3. Mr Linky playing up again?
    Oh well. You'll find mine here.

  4. Till Mr. Linky comes ups

  5. Hi all, this time I have put a little longer poem..ha! longer than even trhe ones I have been putting.. hope you will flow.. and complete..well I keep my fingers crosses..

  6. Here is mine.


    This is my prompt address. Thank you for all your hard work. We appreciate all you do.

  8. Pouring Tea

    Just in case the new link system doesn't work...

  9. Thank you guys! Andrée , I didn't know that you raised chickens. Mom raised chickens on our little Nebraska farm. She always locked them in because we had cyotes and other critters.
    That meant that we had to go round gathering all the chickens who would rather be sleeping in the trees and bring them in to security.

    Once chickens get excited it does take time before they settle down. Sort of like ...

    I am sorry that you missed church. We may not have been 'worth' that! And now we have to show ourselves 'worthy' for your good deeds.
    Thanks to Leo's sister, JSW, for the prompt.
    And I had to put my blog link instead of the post link as it must make "+"s out of my "%"s.
    Again, thank you so very much, :)

  10. Hi Andrée - I love my wife Kathy, and enjoy nothing more than looking at her beautiful face -- but I don't want her impersonating me, so I hope next time I post I can get my photo up... ;)

    Image & Verse

  11. It can only link to your blog and not the post I realized =O but mine is up, will come back to check out the rest of the poets' work, gonna head to bedXD I am really tired:/

  12. I like the new Mr. Linky look, how cool! I also had trouble with linking here but all's well now. Thanks for the great prompt Leo and to everyone who's stopped by MPP. Ill be by soon to visit.

    Happy Week, G

  13. This is the beginning of my OSI journey!! :)
    Have a great week ahead...

  14. Today I found on my blog, my blog list has disappeared. I went to your site, and I know you said that you added me. I couldn't find it, and I added myself. Then I looked and I saw I am on the list twice? I am so sorry. I will take my little confused self and return to my blog and try to find my blog list? Sorry I have messed you up.

  15. Well, put another for BEGINNING.. a happier post.. have a look.. it will encourage..

  16. Andree- thanks for all the trouble you took to keep the links working inspite of your busy schedule :)

    Its been a while here but glad as ever. Begins here