Sunday, July 18, 2010

Prompt 125: Preponderance

This week's prompt, preponderance, comes from Deanna of Dances with Loons. Thanks to DWL for this image and poem. (Please note that, although DWL blogs at Beth Patterson's Virtual Tea House, but she and Beth are separate people!)

The brittle brown edges disintegrate with movement
Yet, I will not stop moving.
The years may make me fragile
But the remnants find a way to coalesce
And so I persevere.

The preponderance of emotion as I age,
Is longing,
Monotonous slow aches
That painfully stretch into wanting.

You see, they are at war;
Emotional missiles lobbed between desire and trust,
A turmoil that rarely finds a truce.

I turn so that the wind of those projectiles
Is at my back
And all I can see is Now.

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  1. Wow...this is my first time to be *first* to link my work here at OSI...:-)

    Have a beautiful Sunday to all fellow OSI writers and thanks to Deanna for the prompt contribution...:-)


  2. Deanna ~ Your poem rings with the beauty of sound and ideas! Love the concept of keeping the negative winds at one's back and keeping the face tuned to now!

  3. Great poem and yet another great prompt!

  4. lovely poem deanna ~

    ( pl give my warm regards to our dear friend beth ~ )

    warm good wishes ..

    zg ..

  5. Whoops! I think I left my name in the "Overt" linky by accident. :P Okay, well, I DID write a preponderance poem, but not an overt one. ;)

    Thanks for the prompt! Brought me to a heavy subject, pardon the pun.