Sunday, July 11, 2010

Prompt 124: Overt

JP/Deb of Jane Poet - La Poessie Sur Une Mission brings us this week's prompt, overt. Thanks, friend for the poem and for the image. Both are outstanding.

Today’s poem is dedicated to the Overt, the wind that blows through the open windows

Free-flowing, uniquely distinctive
notes from a bass-guitared rasta man
for a cat playing the Queen of Sheeba
and ideas reborn as fertile land

set me free and find me wholly overt
this wind blows through wide opened windows
we are not out of context; this is real
the layered notes of fermented dreams

tilt Fresca wishes toward a grateful sky
set me free and find me wholly overt
this is everything, if not a Wasteland.

+ + + + + + + +

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  1. "set me free and find me wholly overt"

    Refreshing words. Great poem

  2. Harshad & Beth,

    Thank you both. Such a pleasure to be hosting this week's OSI prompt!

    Peace & love,

  3. Thanks for a wonderful prompt!Great job Deb!

  4. I loved your poem and also the prompt.. yes, OVERT sent me in to the realms of my own way of looking at the world.. and I found writing the poem on this overtly interesting prompt very interesting.

  5. this poem is like a wind blowing through my chest itself!
    Memories of lying on hot grass grateful for cool breezes at music festivals :)

    set me free and find me wholly overt

    Thanks for such a refreshing prompt on a stifling hot Sunday :)

  6. Such a wonderfully written poem!

  7. Geraldine, Ramesh, Julia and Weasel,

    Thanks for your comments and participating in the prompt!

    peace & love,

  8. Yet another great prompt, although I took it away from the wind and toward other realms of the overt. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Such a wonderful flow, beautiful lines.
    Brilliant prompt.

  10. Oh, my. I wrote an entire poem about a different meaning of "overt" without reading the poem - I simply went to the word, which now makes me giggle...

    In the Summer, I especially need Overts which... set me free and find me wholly...

    Maybe my poem is not so far off, after all. :-)

    My "Overt" poem in this week's OSI -

  11. yeah, yeah, what they all sed... a poem that sends a silent verbal message we all get...

  12. Maybe I am late?? Here is my entry: