Sunday, January 10, 2010

Prompt 98: Indurated

Thanks to Kuyerjudd of My Heart up Close for this week's prompt, indurated, and for this wonderful poem.

Tempered Pebbles

Holding steadfast on to rusted metal
Bare knees shiv’ring in the Midwestern breeze;
The clouds as soft, as tender as petals
Sweet be the voices, still cannot appease

Sprawled across the rotting wood, do I lie,
Floating adrift on Thy fiction-less sea,
List’ning to cries, for they ne’er do but die;
Amongst the stale winds, beguiling be

The ocean taketh me through cave and mire,
Through storms and spires—indurated I stand,
Bare on the raft, holding dearly and dire
The sound of your voice in bottles of sand

Memories, they would stand the test of life,
But would only cut through me like a knife

+ + + + + + + +

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  1. A wonderful prompt, thank you! And wonderful words... can't wait to read more!

  2. A vivid image. Having recently spent some time by the ocean, this has more resonance for me than it might have. A barnacled pier, standing against the swells, courageous in the face of a certain end. Nicely turned.

  3. This was beautiful...I especially liked these two lines:

    Bare on the raft, holding dearly and dire
    The sound of your voice in bottles of sand


  4. I started working on the Haiku Bones prompt trembling, but this haiku ended up as a story of strengthening, and so here it is!

  5. Great prompt for this week. I really enjoyed your poem. Such vivid writing with many images popping into my head as a read and re-read.

  6. Thanks for the compliments, everyone. I'm glad you liked the poem.

    I'm loving everyone's take on the prompt!

  7. Beautiful images are presented in your poem. I have a few memories that cut like a knife as well. Thanks for the excellent prompt choice!