Sunday, November 15, 2009

Prompt 90: Reincarnation

Thanks to Gautami Tripathy of Rooted for this week's prompt, reincarnation, and for this poem to get us started:

I am now the future-
present merged with past
scents of you nurtures
me, I am born again fast
+ + + + + + + +

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  1. I'm having fun with this one. And I had thought this would be impossible!

  2. This might have been a difficult prompt but it turned out to be fun. I don't believe in incarnation so how could I write with something that I was not a little bit familiar?
    I did write. Thanks Tami.

  3. Thanks to Gautami Tripathy for her prompt!

  4. Ok, I have read up to #20, and you all have really given me a lot to think about. So many unique takes on the prompt, and Jim gave us all a wonderful smile with his "foo bird" telling "foo tales" .... have a wonderful day. I will come back and read some more as my eyes are feeling so much better!

  5. I happened to be reading a book on reincarnation/hypnosis this past week so this prompt was not only interesting to me but timely too. Thanks Gautami!

  6. A poem about living in the present. :)

  7. PS: To Bamboo Sea, your story was amazing! Unfortunately, I was unable to leave a comment at your blog. I don't know if comments are intentionally turned off there?

  8. I really have been enjoying the different takes on the prompt.

    But I must tell you all that I have suffered a bad eye strain, and it's almost impossible for me to read a blog with black background and small gray letters or any blog with tiny print.

    You see, I am old and I know you all love how your blogs look, but I so enjoy reading some of you and it disappoint me when I can't read your wonderful poems and leave a comment.

  9. I am new to your site. I followed it from comments made by blogs I read/followed. Just visiting this time. I look forward to posting in the future.