Sunday, November 8, 2009

Prompt 89: Departed

Thanks to Loch Rob of A Small Look Inside for this week's prompt, departed. Here is his poem:

My Old Chair

There’s a room to the north
Where the snow comes in
The cracks invite the wind openly
As the windows relent to the winter
The panes long ago traveling into warmth
Allowing the room and elements to become as one
With paint chips curling and dropping together

A dusting knocks at the door, invited
Surrounding my ol’ comfortable chair
As a relic forgotten, in a move long lost
And into the grip of empty, cold abandonment.
Are the depths of this early chill
Already visible in the washed out image of winter?
As a harrow, through the fields I wander

Back to the house and bare room entered
From a recollection acquired in childhood
I step over the sill, cautiously walking in
And the moment is captured in a frozen image
Printed for all to see as a sacrifice from the shutter
As my warmth overcomes and recollects
This mid-October memory; back home

Photo source: here
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  1. The old chair is as very nice use of the prompt by its suggestor. I've been there as I'm sure many have. They bulldozed the house I was born in just this Spring. That ended my annual visits.
    Thank you, Rob.

  2. what a great prompt and poem..

    there is something magical about osi...the prompts always flow along with my thoughts..

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  4. My friends family farm is up around Devils Lake, ND. He was visiting up there a couple of weeks ago and took this photo inside an abandoned house just down the road. He asked me to write something describing the image and "My Old Chair" came out with thoughts of our OSI prompt. It attempts to describe the family departing the house, leaving the chair behind, and the nostalgia of my friend recollecting the house being occupied as a child.

  5. I love your's haunting and lonely, yet very touching at the same time. Thanks for a wonderful prompt this week!

  6. I should be doing my NaNo but somehow ending up writing something for this

    I like the departed poem, it makes me think of childhood

  7. I don't usually write verse. I just take pictures.
    but this subject intrigued me. The ability to dance in the surf has departed us.

  8. Lovely words and stir up the old memories of this old chair. Thanks for the inspiration to write this prompt.

  9. Loch Rob, wonderful picture to go with your poem. Your poem is haunting, beautiful and playful all at once! I like the line, "as a harrow through fields I wander." You are not just passing through, you are turning things over as you travel. Wonderful simile.

  10. Thanks to all who have participated and visited at the OSI: Departed prompt during this week. I appreciate your comments; and reading your fine work even more. Quite an inspiration!

    My best, Rob

  11. Thank you... i'm thinkin of my old chair now.....