Sunday, September 20, 2009

Prompt 82: Fog

Thanks to Sweetest in the Gale for this week's prompt, fog. Thanks, also, for the narrative, poem, and image.

This week’s fog prompt reminded me of something hanging heavily in my heart every September. Cold weather will be here soon, and along with that, the inevitable winter blues that I struggle with every year. Fall is always bittersweet for me because I love its crisp weather and beautiful foliage. But what comes after is something I dread: the cold, bleak winter. As hard as I try, the grayness always makes its way into my spirit, enveloping me and clinging while I sag from its weight. And every year, I just hang on helplessly and wait for April. Thank God, spring always comes! It’s why spring is my favorite season of the year…I feel reborn and hopeful, just like every budding tree and flower.

The fog settles in

Seeping into low places

Filling depressions

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  1. I can understand your ambivalence about the season that is coming. I feel it myself. I focused this week on the fog itself, which I love. Your poem is powerful for me.

  2. powerful & very visual ..

    thanks for the writeup and the poem ..

  3. This is a nice prompt word, F.P. I've written drafts of several poems and finally settled for the lessor of them.

    Your application is wonderful, I especially like to have those depressions filled in. In more ways than one, even if by the fog.

  4. You brought back a very old memory!

  5. Beautiful poem and image! Somehow I love the mystery of fog or mist! It's not good for driving but love to walk in it!

    And our fog is lifting into Spring right now!

  6. "Filling depressions"

    What beautiful imagery! Instead of just the seasons, I see the physical pain that comes with age. I can definitely see the seasons, as well.. but I guess I see the conjunction of the two.

    Wonderful prompt. Thanks!

  7. Thanks for the wonderful prompt! I love fog so this was a fun one for me.

  8. So good to know that it's spring somewhere!

    What I meant to part of my name for this post was 'did you SAY fog?' That's how foggy I am...or maybe it's the frog in my throat...

    At any rate, thank you for this sweet prompt. Had fun with it, even if 'late'!