Sunday, August 30, 2009

Prompt 79: Blue

Thanks to Sweetest in the Gale for this week's prompt, blue. Here is her poem to get us started:


When the shell of me dies
I’ll exhale my spirit
And float to the sky
Wandering in heaven
Scrawling my poems
In iridescent blues
Onto the wings of angels
While they sing in a choir

And when the angels return
To earth, my musings
Will travel with them
Coating their delicate wings
Like soul glitter
Scattering loose as they fly
Settling onto earthly things
And clinging there for life
A way for me to endure
In everlasting blues
Without having to
Say goodbye

My blues will dust
The steely surface
Of a statue in a garden
Seeping through its layers
To its secretly soft insides
Or glisten on a spider web
My tangled orb of emotions
In the dewy, indigo light
They’ll smudge the moon
With violet shadows
Hanging ripe and heavy
In a midnight sky

My reveries will linger on
In this earthly world I love
As a tinge of cobalt hues
Wherever the visiting angels
With scribbled wings fly.

Photo Credit: Darco TT
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  1. I've had a meme-free month and now I'm delighted to be contributing again.

  2. Thanks to F.P. for this nice prompt. Thank you more, F.P, for your lovely poem.

  3. Very unique photo and love the poetic reflections!

  4. This is a wonderful prompt, thank you!

  5. Love this prompt and poem ... may we all sprinkle our soul glitter across the sky.



  6. Beautiful photo, poem and Prompt.

  7. Oh my goodness! In reading your poem I was mesmerized. I could feel your presence in the endless beauty of this world and the next. You have spun a sting of pearls in the form of words~

  8. BEAUTIFUL photo and poem!
    Nice to be back...!

  9. Lovely BLUE image and poem. It's been too long since I've participated in OSI, but after happening upon a comment on Gemma's Blue Monday post (that it would be appropriate for OSI) I just had to check in this morning. I've added my Small Reflections link as my submission this week and am hoping to get back into the OSI habit ;--)
    Hugs and blessings,

  10. What a sweet, beautiful poem. I also love the accompanying photo. Thanks for the inspiration.

  11. I posted my attempt at an OSI prompt for the first time.. (I did do a poem for Allow, but missed the "week" of the prompt... It is in my blog, for those that wish to trace back to it.)

    It's a little bit intimidating, as I sit here, reading the works of so many impressive poets. There is some genuine talent linking here.

    I am trying to expand my commentary patterns, as I usually just lurk. It's tough when you're just impressed with the poem, but I do know how much the comments are appreciated... ;o)

  12. How sweet photo, the hard stone and still gently to the touch of the bird. MB