Sunday, August 9, 2009

Prompt 76: Ocean

Thanks to Sweetest in the Gale (formerly Fledling Poet) for this week's prompt, ocean, and for the poem and image below that get us started this week.


There lies an ocean inside my chest
A cosmic rolling of the tides
Each swell of breath a rhythmic crest
And in this place a mermaid presides
She skims atop my wrecks and treasures
Where gold coins wink and beckon
And grains of wisdom nestle
In oystered pearls that glisten
Where heartaches fuse to coral
Stinging plankton with their grief
While wild waves curl with churning thoughts
Then lap on shimmering sands to sleep
And the stars beam down
At the commotion, and seagulls
Hover with salt-kissed wings
Swooping with a listening ear
To hear her raw notes as she sings
She’s tossed, and rocked, and cradled
And tumbled endlessly
My precarious, sensitive mermaid
In the depths of my vast blue sea.

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  1. Thank you F.P. This was a fun prompt. I tried to make a fun poem from it.

  2. Even though I am isolated by swine flu I can still use the computer.

  3. Love your poem F.P.! Comparing inner realms to an ocean (and all its associated images) makes an intriguing, artistic metaphor! Beautiful!

  4. Thank you for this prompt. I love this poem, you have told this tale in a way that makes me want to read it over and over again.


  5. Should be interesting to see the way these are spun. Nothing too much more wide open than an ocean after all.

    Love the opener. Very vivid imagery.

  6. Deliver to me, dripping wet on the mat, the 100 billion humans who have ever lived in the last 50,000 years.

    And now weigh up all the dinosaurs which ever lived over a quarter billion years (that's 5,000 times longer by the way).

    I'd say we've got some seriously fathomless breathing room.

  7. I promise, I'll do better this week and reading and posting lol. It was a busy week last week.

    I had fun with this prompt.

  8. This was such a fun and inspiring prompt...

    I seem to have trouble entering my name and blog... keep pressing the "tab" key and ending up posting my name in previous prompts! Sorry!

    Sweetest in the Gale, what an amazing image and such a delightful post. I am in awe.