Saturday, March 28, 2009

Prompt 57: Smoke

Deb Godin of The Cloud Messenger brings us this week's prompt, smoke. Thanks to her for the prompt, the image, and the poem below.


ah, nag champa smoke

pray: Om mani peme hung

breathe the breath of love

This photo is of the corner of my tiny front porch. It's not insulated, and can be very hot in summer and freezing in winter, perfect this time of year. I keep a lot of my treasures there where I can see them every day going out and coming in. There's bowls of beachglass, suncatcher crystals in the windows, and my growing collection of junktique mirrors on the walls. One of the belief systems I admire and am drawn to is Tibetan Buddhism. I have lots of Buddha statues and small figures all over my house. This statue on the porch is holding some thin reeds, and also doubles as an incense holder. I was hoping the smoke from the burning incense would show up in the photo, but only the small ember on the tip of the stick is visible, on his right shoulder.
k k k k k k k

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  1. Deborah, we ALL are sorry your smoke didn't show in the picture. I looked on the full screen size and still couldn't see any.
    But we ALL believe you, there is smoke from your lighted incense.
    Nice poem too, I will have compassion for the not showing of your smoke because of the Om mani peme prayer in the poem.

  2. Dear Deb--
    Thanks for the prompt, your lovely, lovely poem and the picture of your porch. It looks so amazingly inviting!!

    Thanks for you...

  3. The poem is so soft and haunting! Beautiful! And love the enigmatic image accompanying it!

  4. Deb...I think it is so wonderful how you have made the part of your porch such a treasured place.

    I think the teachings of Budda has much to offer.

  5. I think the image of Buddha with a glowing ember is wonderful. The ember makes me think of the touch of the burning coal to the lips of Isaiah as the symbol of prophesy.

  6. Sandy? How ever will I know what to write for next week without promts?

  7. So many different possibilities. :)

  8. ..thanks a million for the lovely contribution of ur words,image & a prompt ..

  9. Bought a parasol from a man near the train station, cheerful in the gusting spume. It began in a wise eightfold way, anyway.

  10. All right folks, here's the deal. It was make an attempt to write something new or commit time supporting all my blogging friends. I chose the latter. I also linked to a poem I wrote and shared for another prompt. I think this is a good deal. And when you come by, please consider joining us for C.O.R.A Diversity Roll Call

  11. I always seem to be late with my posting for the prompt. I am enjoying reading all of your posts... cheers