Sunday, March 15, 2009

Prompt 55: Farewells

Thanks to Nancy Bea Miller of Genre Cookshop for this week's prompt, farewells.

Photo Credit: Stock Exchange

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  1. Have a happy Sunday one and all.

  2. This is a wonderful prompt! Nice to see Mr. Linky back on the job. ;<) I checked several times last night and he hadn't shown up!

    Hugs, G

  3. While walking in an old churchyard (a true place of farewells) I noticed that some of the tall monuments had fallen off. The ground had frozen and heaved and the tilt was just enough to topple the obelisks. I saw that they used no mortar or pins or sockets. For 150 years they had just been sitting.

  4. Thankyou, this was an expansive prompt.

  5. Just added mine...

  6. Ya'll know something, as I visit your poems this week, I noticed something missing, and I couldn't quite put my finger on it until right now ...

    I miss Kitehorse's comments! I dare say, her poetic, ironic, and sometimes raw comments have been as much apart of my reading as the poems themselves.

    Gee! Realization of this sort always surprises me, refreshingly. Or maybe I have slipped into the alter-ego that love reading Kitehorse's ... comments.

  7. Great prompt this week - thank you!

    This is my 3rd attempt to leave a comment. Not sure what I am doing wrong......??

  8. Thanx 4 d prompt.
    My 1st attempt

    I always feared death,
    and slowly the fear of death, overcame death itself,
    Day by day i waited
    with baited breath i waited
    that 1 day i wud b dead
    dat one day I wud leave u all n go

    Bt dat day had 2 b 1 day n nt so soon
    Bt alas in the cacophony f fear I forgot dat
    me 2 cud b d slave
    d home f dis death.

    Do drop by buddies