Sunday, October 12, 2008

Prompt 33: Gold

Thanks to Gemma Wiseman of "Gemma's 'Greyscale Territory' - Poetic Songlines" for this week's prompt of gold, this image, and for this contributon:

Precious earth metal
Happiness locked in a reef
Gold bars imprison
Precious earth flower
Free to grow and be adored
Sunbursts on Spring trees
Gold banks or gold dreams
Stagnant greed or Nature's child
Gold locks or gold keys

Photo by Gemma Wiseman ~ Golden spring wattle at Arthurs Seat, Mornington

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  1. A fun prompt that sent my thoughts in all different directions. Wonderful haikus for your prompt.

  2. Gemma, thank you for the nice prompt. I had fun with it.

    Gold to me is precious and pure. Your poem reminds me of this without you saying it with those words. Thank you.

    I liked your other poem on your blog as well, it fit right in.

  3. Thanks Gemma, for the prompt. It set me off in a different direction.

  4. Thank you all so much for your lovely comments! I prepared this many weeks ago in case some crisis happened closer to time!

    The version on my blog has 2 more pics and another haiku has been inserted!

    Hope you all have enjoyed a wonderful weekend!

  5. A good prompt, Gemma.

  6. beautiful...
    gold--such a timely theme...
    gold rush...
    golden fall colors...
    stability thy name is gold (so urgent in these turbulent times...)

  7. Good prompt - a colour with heaps of potential.

  8. I really enjoyed this space. It's my first contribution here, hope you like it!

  9. Back again!

    I just wanted to say how I have enjoyed visiting you all and seeing what you did with my Gold prompt!

    I think what is particularly inspiring is that it is clear we are all struggling in some way in this tangled world, and yet we still walk on finding gold in our lives! The real gold!

  10. Great prompt Gemma! I wasn't planning to participate this week but my last post at MPP seemed appropriate albeit slightly off the golden path.... :<)

    Gold, in it's many forms tangible and otherwise. Thoughts to ponder.

  11. Here is mine:

  12. Thanks for the great prompt, Gemma. I'm sorry to be late. My internet connection has been uber touchy. :(

  13. I love all the poems and the ideas of the prompts.

  14. Good article, good things, good feelings, good BLOG!