Saturday, May 17, 2008

Prompt 12: Bleeding

Geraldine Hartman brings us this week's prompt, bleeding:

The Bleeding Hearts

Delicate beauty….
Brilliant passionate hue.
Droplets of tears.
Drawing near to us.
The sweet scents of summer.

The bleeding hearts.
Capturing the essence of beginnings.
Possibilities to ponder.
Nature and self, to renew.

Fragile and fleeting beauty.
As with all hearts.
Brought to fruition by the deep, warm blood.
Slowly seeping;
to nourish and sustain.

the bleeding hearts.
Perfectly framed in tender green.
Captured for the moment.
Once again we savor;
their timely, graceful charms.

(The Bleeding Hearts © 2008 Geraldine H. Hartman. Please visit here blog for a wonderful photo of bleeding hearts.)

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  1. Thanks Geraldine. This is a great prompt!

    ravages of time

  2. This is a very timely prompt. I did a haiga with my photo-collaborator lori only to discover she is thinking of retiring from blogging due to the effect of some saddo posting stupid personal comments on her blog - so this for her: bleeding

  3. Good prompt, didn't know which way to go on it, until I had a haiku moment yesterday.

  4. Thanks for the prompt, Geraldine! And for the lovely poem! :D

  5. Thank you for using my prompt and featuring my poem. I am so glad to have found OSI and all the great writers who stop by here. I do hope you will all visit My Poetic Path soon. Cheers, Geraldine

  6. Thanks Geraldine. Your prompt is rich for me.

  7. Lovely prompt . . . and gorgeous bleeding hearts! (Mine didn't come back this year!)



  8. A lovely prompt - thank you! I enjoyed both the pic & the poem! :)

  9. lovely poem by geraldine... as a gardener was just noticing one of my bleeding heart plants just bloomed for the first time.. i have been babying it for a couple of years...

  10. Mine is rather on the darkish side of bleeding - It's all right, ma

  11. Thank you so much for quite an amazing prompt. I can't believe where my thoughts wandered.

    My poetry post tends to be a bit dark, but just felt like trying a different mood for a change.

    I used a pic of my old radio and gave it some atmosphere.

  12. Thanks Geraldine. Your poem is beautiful. The flowers have always reminded me of hanging charms.

  13. Hi again and thanks for all the additional comments and compliments re: my prompt suggestion. I am honored that so many of you enjoyed it.

    Judy B, I tried to visit your site/blog and it came up as a security risk. Thought you might want to check into this, I was denied access. I am trying to read as many of the submissions that I can.


  14. Nice prompt, bleeding conjures up a lot of images.

  15. This prompt had me 'stumped' until this morning when I awoke with an idea and 'ran with it' at Sacred Ruminations. Now I can visit the rest of you to see what you've shared, and I hope you'll visit mine as time permits.
    Hugs and blessings,

  16. Not exactly a haiku . . . but a Memorial Day tribute, with several poetry links at the end.

    Blessings all,

    MEMORIAL DAY, on Nickers and Ink