Saturday, May 10, 2008

Prompt 11: Warm

Red dragonfly,
seeking company,
lands on my shoulder.

A breeze this evening
and little waves splash
the shins of a blue heron.

I envy the tom cat:
how easily he lets go of
love's pain and longing!

Burdened with dark thoughts
I climbed the hill to find
wild roses blooming.

k k k k k k k

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  1. It poured this morning after I wrote and posted this!


  2. I wish I could say the same as qautami!

  3. Andree,
    Thanks for these wonderful poems and images. God bless.

  4. Garbled Displays>Posting Glitches>Unwanted Widgets >now_a Comp Crash!- This means my Interaction at OSI will possibly remain restricted for sometime to come.Kindly don't take it otherwise if i am unable to respond to all ur writings in the near future. Wishing all Blog service providers well in their enterprise towards unhindered blogging !

  5. Dear Andree,
    (am sure no cyber attack this)i linked twice to,my name appeared on the blog roll and presto!disappeared!any guesses?..[waiting for a reply]..

  6. Good morning, Zoya: that happened to me at another blog today. I'm sorry that I can't fix that (I can only delete links, not enter them). If you could come back and try again? thank you!

  7. Hi everyone, Have a warm and hapy Mother's Day! Mine's up!

  8. Hi guys again, when I visited everyone this morning I posted as "the teach" which I didn't mean to (I do this often and forget I want you to come to my other blog) My other blog (where my poem for "One Single Impression" is) is called Answers to the Questions Hope you find your way to me... :)

  9. poignant. and i just posted mine today. Sandy introduced me to this wonderful place....

  10. Well, something came out of me with this prompt that I'm rather surprised at - I had no idea those kinds of feelings were inside me! Thanks for a great prompt. :)

  11. ahhh, another wonderful week of words... TheCure

  12. I thought I would not manage but got hit by inspiration...

  13. I loved this prompt ... had more ideas than I could use, but shared responses on both of my blogs this morning. I'm hoping to visit everyone for this week and last. Life keeps getting away from me but things have to slow down one of these days, right? Right!
    Hugs and blessings,

  14. Thanks for the prompt ... brought up all sorts of thoughts! Hope everyone is having a great week. Peace, JP/deb

  15. Nice poetry here, and great photos to go with them too. I'm not a good poet myself, but enjoy these poems.


    David Webb - Nature Pictures

  16. Look forward to exploring this site!

  17. "poetry should not mean but be."....and shared.