Sunday, March 2, 2008

Prompt #1: Change

The first prompt for One Single Impression is change.

As we worked together to create this blog to pick up where One Deep Breath has left off, change seemed an obvious choice for the first prompt. This blog reflects change as much it reflects a desire for continuity — especially the continuation of blogger relationships in the online poetry community. Focusing on the interests of a group and creating an inviting atmosphere is a change from the solo act of a personal blog.

As we embrace the challenges that come with change we also lean on old certainties. It's wonderful to transform a potential loss as an opportunity for growth. Thanks for being a part of the change!

Here are a few of Basho's haiku for inspiration.

Pommeling hail —
like the old oak,
I never change.

Do not forget the plum,
in the thicket.

Wake, butterfly –
it’s late, we’ve miles
to go together.

Here is one from Akutagawa, Ryunosuke:

Sick and feverish
Glimpse of cherry blossoms
Still shivering.

k k k k k k k

How to Participate in One Single Impression
  • Post your poetry on your blog. This does not need to be today. You can post any time during the week.
  • Come here and enter your link into Mr. Linky. Other participants can easily find you by clicking your name in Mr. Linky.
  • Enjoy the beautiful poems of the other bloggers.
  • There is a new Mr. Linky each week so you always have to sign up on the current one. Please do not sign your name on Mr. Linky unless you are participating in One Single Impression.
  • Mr. Linky will remain here forever. A list of past themes is on the sidebar. You can check back at any time for information on a past theme.
Thank you and enjoy!


  1. I'm happy to be the first contributor to your new site.

    love from mandy

  2. How wonderful that you are taking up where One Deep Breath left off. Many thanks and good wishes!

  3. Thanks for the great prompt. Looking forward to the weeks ahead.

  4. Hope to see some interesting changes here - I won't be here next week - see you all in a fortnight hopefully.

  5. What great fun to have a new site to play with!
    Thank you both for ensuring continuous fun and marvel.

  6. One good impression deserves another...I call my new contemplative place just "Impressions..."
    Thanks to Andree for inviting me here to see what you have begun? continued? No matter, that is the way our lives always go, through a door, into a new room...another place to decorate and make yourself at home.

  7. Welcome. I enjoyed your prompt and am so glad you'll be posting haiku prompts weekly. (I usually respond to prompts on my humor blog. But this time you've inspired me to write a political haiku, so I've responded on my Political Madness blog instead.)

  8. Thanks so much for picking up this weekly prompt. I would have missed it sorely. And I, too, look forward to what changes await us all as we respond each week.

  9. My best yet! I hope you enjoy it. I did it all myself (coaching by Michael). ♥

  10. I can write haiku! I will put one up this week on Endangered Spaces.

    God love you for caring.

  11. Thanks for the prompt, and the little box that makes linking very easy :)

  12. Thank you for introducing Mr. Linky-- it was so much easier.

  13. A lovely place, and what fun it will be to visit.

  14. I love the simplicity of the linking system! Its great and so much easier than the URL thing before. Krissie from Haiku in a bottle.

  15. The prompt is great. I hadn't joined in for quite a while, but hope to be a sporadic contributer here.

  16. I learned about this "Single Impression" from Marilyn. I would love to join! Sandy, this is great! Wonderful!

  17. My little poem is about my garden. It sits permanently on the right hand side of my blog. In case you miss it here it is , especially for you :)

    Wind through the barley,
    The song of the breeze,
    Ephemeral poppies,
    The tracery of trees,
    Barleycorn – Magic!
    A feast for the eyes.
    Our little corner of paradise.

  18. I found this wonderful post via Marilyn and I'm so happy I did! Thank you for the Basho examples of Haiku. I'm delighted to participate. My Single Impression post is at Answers to the Questions

  19. Thanks Sandy and Andree for picking up where One Deep Breath has left off.

    I've just posted my haiku for the new prompts. thanks again.

  20. I just noticed that my link (#32) is broken. I left a second one that (I hope) will actually bring you to my haiku.

  21. Hello Sandy and Andrée,
    Greetings from Maine! This site looks like it is going to be fun.

  22. as a start the first prompt is perfect... thank you for your efforts to keep it going... haiku is one of my favs...

  23. A new site and a new poem.
    I hope I have done this right.


  24. I am new to this process I have three small poems posted this week. The third, for me is - at least sort of - about change. I love this idea and look forward to reading everyone's poetry.

  25. How do I get the code for the side bar?


  26. Great site. Beautiful poems.

  27. I'm so glad I discovered you. I do so need practice with haiku. See you next week.

  28. I've just joined. What a lovely idea.

  29. This blog is a lovely find today. I found the link at Yolanda's Perfectly Imperfect and intend to participate in the weeks to come after taking time to enjoy what others have shared. I'm wondering if One Deep Breath exists somewhere in Archive form for those of us who didn't know of its existence previously?
    Hugs and blessings,

  30. Yes! I am all back to front! I did the most recent prompt, but loved it so much, I decided to return to this one!

    Loved dabbling in a little haiku!

    Didn't realise till now that this was all new! So congrats on the quest! It's looking great!

    Smiles and Light

  31. Yes! I'm back again! Couldn't help it!

    This one is called "I Cannot Be".


  32. Sigh! Methinks I entered the link to the 2nd prompt here in the wrong place. I apologize ... and will try to be more careful in the future. Now I'll go put it in the correct Mr. Linky.
    Hugs and blessings,