Friday, February 29, 2008

'I See Beauty Within'

Jientje passed this along to me last week for leaving a comment that lifted her spirits. Mine was one of several encouraging, uplifting comments that she had received. Her gift in kind left me thinking about the power of kindness. Kindness — sincere, warm words from one person to another in the hope of making them feel good, feel valued, feel encouraged to continue in their endeavors is the greatest teacher, I think. It creates the room to grow, do more, do better. It creates a feeling of safety and belonging that in turn create an environment in which to create.

I'm depositing this gift here because that has been my experience of the participants in One Deep Breath and now One Single Impression. Together we seek to build up rather than tear down. May that spirit be the air we breathe on this site.


  1. Thank you for your efforts, Sandy and Andree. And, 'amen' to what you wrote here.

  2. I am so glad you two are doing this!

  3. Thanks for adding my two blogs to the Blogroll here so quickly Sandy. Although I had some difficulty with Blogger today (getting lots of weird error messages and being unable to post anything earlier) I managed to get a Haiku posted at Sacred Ruminations and added the link to Mr. Linky a few minutes ago. I'm excited about reading all the other entries as time permits and appreciate all that the two of you are doing here.
    Hugs and blessings,