Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Wow! and Mr. Linky Is Gone For Just A Moment

I'm sorry but I'm working with Mr. Linky to resolve an inconvenience that has popped up with the Mr. Linky widget. It will be back and all your names will be back. I promise!

I think I have everybody on the blogroll now. I think I have all the links in the sidebar that everyone has requested. If I have overlooked anybody at all, let me know! Getting the e-mail, feeds, links and blogroll all setup is easy enough but requires a personality that does well filing away information in folders in an e-mail client. I don't do well with that.

Can you believe that this blog averages over 100 visitors a day after less than a week? We had over 40 participants to the Change prompt and it may go higher. Sandy is all ready with Sunday's prompt. And I am going to do the March 16 prompt! I'm psyched.

Most importantly, thank you to all of you for your words of kindness and support. I have gotten so many wonderful e-mails that I am awed by this community. I am also so impressed by the poetry and artwork that I have seen this week. Sandy is sick with the flu, but I know for a fact that she feels the same way because she wrote me to tell me so.

What I read for Change was so good, in fact, that I am wondering how we can archive every single participant's poetry and art. Do you have any ideas? I don't want any poems to be lost in time. Blogs come and blogs go for reasons that we often have no control over. So if you have an idea of how we can keep a permanent record of our work, please leave a comment.

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart — Andrée


  1. Andree' thank you so much for all your efforts. This is working out so very well. I don't know if this is anything helpful but we archive my blog entries quite easily. If you would like to know, I'm here. We've had the 'flu at our house too so please tell Sandy we are thinking about her.

  2. Blogger back up info here:

    Having said that, you could also copy and paste all posts into individual Word documents and have all the backups on a disk. I also have a mirror site that I export/import to. I'm paranoid that way!

    It would be a shame to lose all this beautiful poetry, you may even want to publish someday.

  3. I'm not sure if this would work, considering people have common copyrights on their works - to republish them or something without permission. Some contributors might not want their works compiled or reprinted/reblogged. I think you just might have to lose the links sometimes!