Sunday, May 26, 2013

Prompt 274: Weak

Thanks to Harshad Mehta  of The Space Within for this week's prompt, weak.  Here is his poem.  Thank you, Harshad, for this contribution and your continued support.

Driven to edge
By her hope
To be held in love

No complaint against those who pushed
Just sad, they are the ones
She yearned to be held by

Who else could?
With others she is careful
Not candid

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  1. I had fun with this one but will have to see how it goes over. Until Mr. Linky is repaired,
    Jim's May 26 OSI post:

  2. I can't see a Linky so you'll find mine here.

  3. nice poem from Harshad, Have a good Sunday

    much love...

  4. My apologies. It seems that I never put the link into the post. But it is fixed now. Thank you for being so patient! You are all the best!

  5. My poem poured out of me as I read your prompt. It is too emotional to put on my blog, which my family reads. May I put it here?

  6. Thank you, Andrée. Here it is. If you're squeamish, don't read it.


    Weak tears are weeping from the corners of my eyes,
    Oh how much I need a hug.
    Weak blood is seeping round the dressing in my mouth
    I really do need a hug.
    Twice this week spontaneous bleeding lays me low.
    Please someone, give me a hug.

    Weakly I argued that I really didn’t need
    three kinds of medicine to thin my blood.
    Weakly I gave in to high-powered doctor’s dictum.
    It’s that or catastrophe, he said,
    Block one more artery and you’re dead,
    subject to what he called a little bleeding
    and what I call drowning in the red.
    Please someone, won’t you come and give me a hug?

    Typed with one hand holding an ice-pack to my cheek
    Déjà vu from Monday night and Tuesday
    except that now I’m at home, refusing ER
    refusing to be guinea pig to umpteen doctors.
    none of whom knows how to stop bleeding.
    At home, instead, I’m subject to bossy boots
    who fusses and waits on me hand and foot
    but won’t give me a hug.

    1. That is powerful. I can feel your frustration and desperation. You brought tears to my eyes.

    2. sorreee! I'm feeling a bit better now, having had an email hug from my son in UK!

    3. yes, as Vivienne Frances Blake

  7. I wanted to read Locamente's post, but was blocked by a Google Chrome message that there was malware about on that site. Pity, because I loved what I saw in the brief instant the the hand-held photograph/poem was visible and the acrostic below it then, wham!

    I couldn't leave a comment, but wanted to say thank you to Locamente for the wonderful thought.