Sunday, April 21, 2013

Prompt 269: Twilight

Loch Rob of A Small Look Inside suggests this week's prompt, twilight.  Thank you, Rob, for this wonderful poem and this great image.  We appreciate your support of and participation in One Single Impression.

In the ocean of an evening
Keeping watch along the shore
Between light and dark
Constellations, and so much more

Like a canvas painted
In shades of grey
Out from the shadows
So close, yet far far away

A handful of thoughts
Tossed into the nighttime sky
Grow old in the making
Forgotten, by and by

Watching time pass by the window
Day says goodnight and departs
Letters in a bottle drift away
Oceans of thought impart

So, I try to catch the light
But it gets away
I keep thinking
Will it come back another day?

Stars poke slowly out
Pinholes on a charcoal slate
Floating in the nightfall
Water in the waves won't wait

Frosty moonlight descends 
Breath hangs in the darkening night
Shadows the twilight won't free
Bow to an awakened first light

Morning flies on, the stars softly sigh
Raise a hand across your eyes
Pause, then suddenly realize
It's the dawning of the day

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  1. Fellow poets, sorry I didn't get my expedited poem posted earlier. I didn't know my prompt idea was selected until this morning. Best wishes to all and thanks for participating in "twilight". Rob.

  2. Sorry about the surprise, Rob! I was on vacation and lost track of time. Yours was a great suggestion, so I went with it. Whenever you can get a poem to us, we will post it.

  3. Thanks for the opportunity to use my prompt. I was scrambling at 6am. :o) I hope you had a great vacation. Rob

  4. Just wanting to clarify since I'm new...I used this photo as my prompt but noticed others used the word "twilight" with another photo. Do you have a preference or rule about this? Beautiful photo which did prompt my haiku. Just wondering for the future.

  5. Most people (and I believe the law) considers poems and photographs as copywrited material of the individual having written or taken the pictures. Copywright laws are in effect to help minimize plagiarism. A good rule of thumb is to ask permission before using either poems or pictures and give acknowledgement to the author(s) when using in some type of footnote. I beieve this is a good rule of thumb, though OSI may have more to add on the subject. I almost always use my own photos so it isn't an issue for me. Also, I don't mind you using my photo on your blog. I'm flattered. :o) Thanks for participating in "twilight".

  6. Thanks to everyone who participated in "twilight" this past week. I enjoyed reading your poems very much. Rob