Sunday, December 9, 2012

Prompt 250: Tree

Harshad Mehta of Space Within brings us this week's prompt, tree. Here is his excellent poem:

Stationary & Silent
Observing & marveling

Feeling breeze & rain
Warmth of sun & coolness of moon

Receiving my food
And what it takes to LIVE
Right here

Enjoying all that nature has to offer,
That is why I am here
That is how I live &
That is how I pass away

Fruits, seeds, leaves & shadows
Are results of my being,
Not my anxiety
if they are useful

I am just a tree

I wonder about this man
Always on run!

Food, house, Relationships, Status…
So much to “maintain”
Run, run & run…..

Trying to earn his living
When will he realize it is a gift?

When will he evolve to know
There is no need to possess to enjoy?

When will he learn to be still?
When will it occur
What he runs for will find him
Once he is still?

When will he learn to be just a man?

I am just a tree.

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  1. thanks for a wonderful prompt this week Harshad, inspiring!

  2. Thanks for the prompt. This is what it inspired: Of shade trees.

  3. There are many lessons to learn from trees. Love your poem.