Sunday, June 10, 2012

Prompt 224: Wanting

Thanks to Jim of Jim's Little Photo and Poem Place for this week's post, wanting.


I'm wanting--wanting someone new
It's a friend that I cannot find
Who she is I may never tell
That's because I don't know myself

She may bring something nice to eat
or perhaps a bouquet of blooms
Someone nice she's someone pretty
Pretty is by each soul defined

She might be someone very young
or someone terribly ancient
I will know when first I see her
Sure it will love at first sight be

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  1. If lust means want, I am on topic!

  2. It is my first participation here. I need to say that I tried in vain to link this post to my wordpress page and it was impossible, or I couldn't guess how to do this. Anyway I think it is not necessary. This prompt was very difficult for me, I searched through all my poems and I found none about wanting.