Thursday, April 14, 2011

OSI E-mail Was Hacked

Tonight, Sandy learned that OSI e-mail was hacked. The hack seemed similar to the Facebook hacks that I have seen for iPhones. In those hacks, you get an iPhone offer in the mail or IM. When you click on the message, e-mails with the similar offer are sent to everyone you know. Somehow our password was hacked and we think that some of you may have gotten these iPhone offers. If you have, we suggest you change your e-mail password immediately. We have changed our passwords and now our e-mail works again. Google stopped all activity on our OSI e-mail account when the trouble started, so hopefully none of you were affected. If you tried to e-mail us and don’t think we got your message, please re-send it. Our apologies to all of you.

Thank you —

Andrée & Sandy

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