Sunday, November 7, 2010

Prompt 141: Pause

This week's prompt is pause, thanks to Pam Olsen of Amputated Moon. Thanks for this, Pam. And thanks for this poem:

Saturday Night Jazz

in a corner of a dim-lit room
the poet sits--- pen to paper
squinting to see the words
while the sax wails and sings

the words swirl around
high on the caffeine rush
of dark espresso
and jazz

the player sounds a low note
then comes the pause
the moment after and before
the note fades into the air

fingers stop their reaching
for yet another pitch
her hand stops its writing
for yet another line

the neon clock on the wall waits
one second gone
another not yet arriving
the hands freeze

in the stretch and pull of time
the poet and the player
wait . . .

then a whispered moan
rises from the sax
and the poet bows her head
and writes

+ + + + + + + +

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  1. I loved your poem. It reminded me of 'Killing Me softly with your Song' for some reason. A lovely piece of work.

  2. This "pause" causes quite the "moment. Wonderful buildup to a great expectation.

  3. A wonderful prompt and poem from Pam! :)

  4. Lovely poem by Pam starting things off today. Hope you all are enjoying moments to pause within your day.

  5. Surely a much needed moment during these days. Thank you for keeping aware of it. Please have a good start into the new week.

    daily athens

  6. Pam,
    your poem is gorgeous. there is great anticipation and rich with the moment and pausing for the poem to present itself and flow... onto the paper. Thank you.

  7. The pause between the saxophonist and poet, and when she bows her head and writes... this piece read like a prayer or a mass - a holy moment when the space between in and out was felt by two creators - one a god of music, the other a god of words - and they filled the space with their respect and their worship of the moment. A wonderful piece!!

  8. those who look for it might find the resonance of masculinity & femininity here ,and a subtle silence that one could metaphorize as a chasm or a nothingness - & one gets to feel that love and only love is something that could fill it - i think this is in typical pam olsen style _ simple and uncomplicated _ & without saying so ,it spells out romanticism _[ believe me that is not a tabooed word ] _ and for this - - thank you pam ..

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    kind regards!