Sunday, September 19, 2010

Prompt 134: Joie de vivre

Joie de vivre is this week's prompt, thanks to Leo! Here's his poem:

Each moment
Bliss; tear, a smile wasted
Joie de vivre

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  1. I could not post my poem as usual. So posted URL in comments.

  2. something wrong with inlikz widget? could not find the blue link tab?


  3. Mine is on the link assigned to my name, above.

  4. Inlinkz is starting late in submissions I think :)

    anyways, mine is up here, and up at my blog too..!

  5. adlinkz widget not working? so here is mine:

  6. Mine can be found here : Nanka

    Will like it with the inlinkz too, when it's up.

  7. Here's my post, friends.. lets practice happiness:

  8. been here twice today but can't find add your link button? ...but here is the direct URL to my piece: Ripples

    I have fixed the links problem. CVan't tell time.

  10. I knew it would be fixed - so I went to bed and came back this morning to find everything working. Thanks for all you do. :)

  11. Surely a great thought to start the week. May it be a fine one for you all.

    daily athens

  12. Nice one, Leo!

    I posted mine, but it has a red X by my not sure if it's working or not.

    Here's the URL, just in case. Thanks everyone!

  13. Not only can I not tell time, I can't spell anymore. But Beth: the red X belongs there. That is so that you can delete your link and start over, if, like me, you make an error. So not to worry!

  14. Hello,

    Here is my link for this week. I seem to have a problem uploading any photo from my computer. I do other memes with photos so I'm not sure if it's this particular site or not. Take Care!!

  15. Hi, Write Girl . . . I got your link up!

  16. rats. too late.

  17. Hey Sandy, I finally have a poem to post but the link says the collection is closed. Can you still add it?

    Monument in the Park

  18. Hi Kathiesbirds . . . I tried to add it but it's closed to me, too. I'm so sorry! How about adding it to this week's prompt?