Sunday, April 25, 2010

Prompt 113: Fissures

Sandra of If: La Palabra Diminuta brings us this week's prompt, fissures, as well as this poem and image.

fissuring the rock

rain, sun, and Incas' hands

kept the secret locked

+ + + + + + + +

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  1. I feel like I haven't written anything for OSI for a while, anyway, I wrote something for this week and hopefully it's worth a visit from someone

  2. Thanks for the great image, Sandra--your poem and the prompt are lovely!

  3. Sandra, this is a terrific prompt with beautiful poem and image! Thanks!

  4. Lovely image and poem.

    Thanks, Sandra.

  5. I am new.. don't know much about how it works.. but will try to write on the prompt by Sandra.. thanks..

  6. Well friends have tried writing with the prompt 'Fissures' do visit and comment.. it willbe a pleasure..

  7. This was exactly what I was feeling..Thank you
    (and I typed my own name wrong in the!)

  8. I finally have a post up for "fissures" but cannot link up due to Mr. Linky being down or gone or something!

  9. Hi again, Kathie
    Now I'm wondering if, as administrator of Mr. Linky, I see it when others do not. I don't want them to expire! So I'm gonna find another computer to check out my thoughts.