Sunday, October 18, 2009

Prompt 86: Conquer

Thanks to Tea Leaves 'n' Honey, who offers this week's prompt, conquer.
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  1. Thanks for a wonderful and challenging prompt!

  2. Thanks for the great prompt! By the way 'Betrh' in the linkage above is me with too quickly moving fingers!

    A funny: I read the prompt quickly (and obviously without my glasses) earlier in the week and worked all week in my head on a poem for 'conjure' rather than 'conquer'!

  3. please find posted on the two attached links my writeups titled _ / ~ one - &

    - - conquer --

    thanks , as always , for the prompt & the contribution ..

  4. Thank you Neha, for the prompt... it's been a really rough week, and honestly, it helped me get some of what's stewing inside me out into words, which is always the first step to conquering my feelings for me. So, yes. Thanks. :)

  5. something new for me this week. After thinking that I would have to pass on this prompt it suddenly came to me while I was trying to make the bed while cold cats were sleeping.

  6. Hi everyone. Once again do to problems with my URL I have had to change my Web Page to:

    Cassiopeia Rises

    Hope you can all find me.

    love, Melanie

  7. DeLi, your link above doesn't work (at least it didn't for me). I was trying to stop by after you visited my blog. Thanks for the comment and hope I can read your contribution soon.