Sunday, October 11, 2009

Prompt 85: Talisman

Thanks to Joseph Harker of Naming Constellations for this week's prompt, talisman. Here is his poem:

Odds and Ends

We are making a religion out of Small Things,
weaving significance from yarn and whiskers and wire.

These inkstains are our sacred books, telling stories
of the first kiss, of cat's eye marbles and baby teeth.

Our pockets hold cowrie shells and birthday candles,
feathers to burn like incense for a mackerel sky.

We are finding the religion in Small Things,
the luck in a penny from the year you were born,

the mystery in a drop of mercury sitting sly on the table,
the sanctity of a dandelion, untouched and unblown.

Our amulets are rhinestones and peach pits.
Our reliquaries are hollows in the trees that gather water.

We are trading old religion for Small Things,
for they are everywhere and just as important, too.

They hold us together like a chain of paperclips,
and our prayers have dwindled into punctuation.

Thank us for the beauty in tea leaves and eyelids;
bury us in graves that have been measured in inches.

Photo used with permission © M. A. Enriquez
view the Flickr photostream at urbanwoodswalker

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  1. My comment seems to have disappeared. Thanks Joseph, this is a powerful and inspiring prompt.

    Love your interpretation too.

  2. Thank you Joseph, this was a challenging and fun prompt.

  3. thank you for this fun and interesting prompt. Your poem is a wonderful peak into the times we live.

  4. Joseph, this was a great prompt. And I am humbled by your poem--it is remarkable.

    Thank you!

  5. This is a great poem. I thought this prompt would be so difficult. What a prompt! But it worked out perfectly for me after all!

  6. My 'talisman' certainly brought good luck.

  7. Absolutely lovely.A knock out! Joseph,you're
    full of surprises!

  8. What a beautiful poem! And I see we were on the same wavelength...thanks for sharing your words, and for the wonderful prompt.

  9. Your prompt worked. I not only wrote a new poem, I also drew a new picture! I like your poem as well. There is magic in the small things of life! Nice imagery and metaphors. I like especially the line about "the sanctity of a dandelion, untouched and unblown."